5 Planned Parenthood Myths That Need To Be Shut Down

After 10 edited, unsubstantiated videos that implied Planned Parenthood was profiting off of the sale of fetal tissues this summer, the organization has been a hot topic of debate. While many people have strong feelings about the government funding of Planned Parenthood, there are a lot of myths about the organization that need to be cleared up.

 Planned Parenthood illegally Sells Fetal Tissues

The antiabortion group, Center for Medical Progress (CMP), released 10 edited videos targeting Planned Parenthood. The videos were edited to exclude contextual comments, used secretly recorded footage, and contained no illegal activity. It’s important to know that fetal donation is a completely legal practice, and in state level investigations following the release of the videos, Massachusetts and Indiana both found Planned Parenthood in compliance with fetal tissue laws. No Planned Parenthood affiliates sell fetal tissue for profit, in spite of what groups like CMP would like to make you believe.

Planned Parenthood only Gives Abortions

Actually, abortion is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, and taxpayer’s dollars only go towards abortion in extreme cases involving rape, incest, and endangerment of the mother’s life. Don’t believe in abortions? About 34% of Planned Parenthood’s services involve providing contraception. More contraception, less unwanted pregnancies, and thus, fewer abortions, right? Planned Parenthood also provides screenings and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, life-saving cancer screenings, and other necessary services for women and men.

Planned Parenthood Only Benefits Women

Speaking of men, many people believe Planned Parenthood only treats women. While it’s true that 1 in 5 women will visit a Planned Parenthood in their lifetime many men also rely on Planned Parenthood. STD/STI Testing, colon, prostate and testicular cancer screenings, male infertility screening, general health care and many other services are offered to men at Planned Parenthood across the country.

Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Reduce Abortions

Interestingly enough, the same people that believe restricting gun laws would not reduce gun violence seem to believe restrictions on reproductive rights would reduce abortions. By defunding Planned Parenthood, people across the country would lose access to birth control, which would likely cause more unwanted, unplanned pregnancies. Instead of eliminating abortions, it is likely that women would just receive unsafe services. According to the World Health Organization, 47,000 women die each year from complications that arise from unsafe abortions. This number could increase dramatically by cutting off access to Planned Parenthood’s safe, sterile, abortion services.

Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Save Tax Payers Money

In a letter from Congressional Budget Office, Director Keith Hall said that the defunding Planned Parenthood could be “expected to lead additional births, increasing federal spending, primarily for Medicaid. In addition, some of those children would themselves qualify for Medicaid and possibly for other federal programs.”

In many areas, Planned Parenthood is the only sexual health provider near by. If Planned Parenthood loses funding 650, 000 people, most of whom are women living in low-income areas, will no longer have access to essential healthcare. While anti-abortion activists believe defunding Planned Parenthood would be a “win,” it would have devastating affects on women’s rights in our country. Let’s shut down the myths, not the organization.

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