5 Life Lessons Rory Gilmore Taught Us

If you’re like me, then you have probably been deeply emotionally affected by the Gilmore Girls series at some point. Upon GG’s arrival to Netflix, I took it upon myself (at this point I was a newbie to the series) to binge watch the entire show during the fall semester. While this inevitably led to the procrastination on my countless essays and assignments, I learned some important lessons outside of the classroom from one Rory Gilmore that I thought I’d share with you all.

It’s OK to be a book worm instead of a party girl. In fact, it’s a good thing.

Aside from the moments where she’s bonding with Lorelai or avoiding Paris’ wrath, Rory always has her nose stuck in a book. She’s constantly riveted by books such as Moby Dick by Herman Melville or Ulysses by James Joyce, using them as an escape from whatever Stars Hollow drama is going on in her life at the time (Dean or Jess, the ultimate boy dilemma).

Instead of finding our escape at some college frat party or by shopping away our entire savings account (What? I’d never! Okay… maybe), why don’t we pick up a book? Not only will it make us more literate and provide a healthy distraction to the real world, we might even get some guidance from our new favorite literary characters along the way. I’m not saying that we have to be exactly like Rory by reading Voltaire on a Friday night, but picking up something to read other than what’s required for class could do us all some good.

It’s possible to bounce back from setbacks, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Clearly, Rory Gilmore was not perfect. We all had to suffer through that dark time when she dropped out of Yale, would no longer speak to Lorelai, and lived a frivolous and materialistic lifestyle… all because she was told she wouldn’t be a successful journalist (BYE, Mitchum Huntzberger). Although it was a HORRIBLE time for us all, Rory came back swinging. She patched things up with her mom and made their relationship stronger than ever, became editor of the Yale Daily News, started standing up for herself, and made up all the courses she missed and managed to graduate from Yale on time.

Whatever obstacles may come our way, we can make like Rory and rise above these complications with resilience and become better than ever. In fact, these setbacks add colorful chapters to the stories of our lives, and the way we react to them is what defines who we are. Sure, it’s tough when you’re in college and you feel like things can be falling apart, but the struggle makes it all worthwhile in the end. Just look at Rory (since she’s probably reporting in Washington or Europe and changing the world right now, obvs).

Sometimes you just need your mom. 

The storyline of the entire show and a lesson I know incredibly well, is that one of life’s most precious bonds is the one between mother and daughter. We all know from the amount of times that Rory came home from Yale to do her laundry (aka, watch movies and eat junk food with her mom) that you’re never too old for some mommy & me time.

Whatever college-girl dilemmas that we all might be facing, chances are that mom has faced ‘em too. While we all need advice from our girlfriends (Rory and Lane, duh), chances are that mom really does know best. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call when classes get hard, a boy is driving you crazy, or simply just because.

Boys aren’t everything. 

Boys. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them – something that Rory knows all to well. She had her fair share of boy drama (I’m still team Jess), and made some mistakes when it came to relationships, but because of this she learned some key life lessons.

While boys can certainly be great, it’s important that we never lose sight of our individuality and personal goals (especially at this time in our lives). Rory knew she had to turn down Logan’s proposal because she had to chase her own dreams and become the superstar that she was obviously destined to be (aka future President of the United States or something of that sort). Sometimes, it’s okay to walk away from someone or something that isn’t allowing you to be the best you that you can be.

Possibly the most important lesson to learn from Ms. Gilmore:

The answer to everything is… COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE. (She clearly learned this from Lorelai).

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