5 Horror Youtube Channels Perfect For Halloween

The month of October is a time for horror movies, haunted corn mazes, and swapping scary stories with your pals. With Halloween right around the corner, let the spooky festivities begin! During your study break from midterm exams, cozy up with your friends and listen to one of these five horror YouTubers as they share the scariest stories on the internet.

1. Lazy Masquerade

“The Best Things Happen in the Dark,” says British horror narrator Lazy Masquerade, and we have to agree.  With an eerie narration style, Lazy delivers chilling tales in a variety of subjects. Lazy’s stories range from true Reddit posts, to stalker stories, to even Native American ghost legends.

2. Be. Busta.

Australian narrator Be.Busta. has some of the best horror content on the internet. Along with the typical “true stories” videos, Be.Busta produces serial scary stories. For example, his playlist “I Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life,” features a single scary story told in a series of four videos, uploaded weekly.

3. Corpse Husband

American narrator Corpse Husband’s mostly true stories feature paranormal stories (with audio!), creepy camping encounters, and narrated creepy pastas.  One of his creepiest series videos is the “Scary Snapchat Story,” with photo and video proof of a paranormal/intruder encounter.

4. Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare has one of the biggest horror fan bases on YouTube, with well over a million subscribers. In his description, he says, “Here you will find videos with themes such as: dark, scary, mysterious, strange, shocking, or just interesting.” We can attest that he will definitely keep you interested – check out his “Interactive Stories,” playlist.

5. Top 15s

Top15s, a Canadian youtube channel which upload weekly, posts all kinds of creepy. From shockingly true conspiracy stories to clown sightings, Top15s has a little something spooky for everybody.

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