5 Healthy Alternatives To Late Night Pizza

Midnight munchies are calling, and you’re craving carbs. So eat some! But skip the heavy-loaded pizza and eat the smart stuff, like protein rich sweets and tasty superfoods (with the good kind of fat!). These sweet and savory snack ideas are sure to beat late night hunger and keep you full until brekkie.

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Just one cup of grocery store brand nonfat greek yogurt has 140 calories and 20g of protein. Add your favorite fruit and a bit of crunchy cereal, and you’ve got a sweet snack you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Almond Butter & Apple

Almond butter’s packed with protein and healthy fat to curb hunger.  Combined with the tart taste of a Granny Smith, this classic snack is the perfect choice for a healthy alternative.

Ice Cream

Halo Top ice cream has all your favorite flavors in around 240 calories per pint. That’s right, per pint! You can eat straight out of the carton during your nightly Netflix binge without breaking your diet.

Green Smoothie

It’s widely known that kale’s a superfood. Paired with the right combination of fruit, almond milk, and veggies, a cup of green smoothie will soothe you to sleep better than any old glass of milk.

Hummus & Avocado Slices

Avocado contains high amounts of monounsaturated fat, which both keep you full and can help to burn the flab around your midsection. Combine with healthy, tasty hummus and your choice of veggies or pretzels and you’ll have savory dreams.

Cathryn Lien

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