5 Fitness Apps So Fun You’ll Forget You’re Working Out

Working out during college used to be the punchline when I was knee-deep in assignments, studying and delusional from lack of sleep. I would laugh as I gulped another sip of my coffee and avoid the gym like the plague. I just didn’t have the time.

However, after I graduated and realized my mental and physical state was in chaos, I was committed to becoming healthy again. I didn’t want to splurge on a gym membership as I was trying to save money, and discovered that fitness apps were the way to make working out more fun. The beauty of a fitness apps is the flexibility of fitting in a workout anywhere, the notifications the app provides to gently remind you to workout, and best of all—it can be inspiring and fun!

Nike + Training Club


I had downloaded the Nike Running Club previously, but when I realized I wanted to also gain muscle and strength through bodybuilding, I found this was the perfect app. The app includes a database of workouts you can do that targets different areas of the body—arms, legs, core. The workouts are created by professional athletes and vary in intensity from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Best of all, NTC has 3 different training programs specifically designed to get you back in shape, tone muscle and lose weight.

Zombies Run


If you hate running but love a good adventure storyline, this fitness app will have you swearing you’re a runner. The app’s storyline features a zombie epidemic that relies on you completing missions while running away from zombies and collecting supplies to save the world. With 200 missions and 1 Million players, Zombie Run is the biggest smartphone fitness game and will keep you hooked!

Free People, Movement


Our favorite hippy clothing brand is now coming out with workout videos and tips to get your heart rate up in style. On Free People’s blog, fitness gurus share a variety of workouts including yoga routines, high intensity workouts and back strengthening exercises that will allow you to get your workout in, anywhere. With fitness inspiration, adorable workout gear and tips for a healthier you, Free People is encouraging you to get off the couch, and move!

Spotify Running


Chances are you have already downloaded the Spotify app, but did you know that Spotify has an exclusive feature that creates music that matches your tempo when running? Talk about instant motivation! Spotify Running also features set playlists, including a Morning Run playlist, Top Hits playlist, Latin Beats and even #&*% which appeals to those who love heavy metal music.



Short for Simply Work It, this app is perfect for those with a time crunch. You select what area of the body you want to work out, select the time frame and the app will create a customized workout for you complete with video instructions. Sworkit creates intense, feel-good workouts in as little as 5 minutes, so it can adjust and fit in your busy schedule. No longer can you use the excuse of not having enough time to workout with this app!

Alysha Shetty

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