5 Cute Plants That Will Brighten Up Any Dark Bedroom

1.Lucky Bamboo


One of my best friends gave me a lucky bamboo plant before heading to my second year of college and as I wasn’t know for my green thumb we both kind of expected it would be dead in a matter of months (days). But low and behold, a whole year later and it looks better than brand new. I water it once every other day sometimes forgetting a day here and there and keep it in the sun. I love how low maintenance it is, and hey we could all use a little bit of luck.

2.Air Plants


If you want a plant to brighten up your room and also be able to forget its there on your jam packed to fun to care weekends, then air plants are the perfect decoration. They only have to be watered twice a week and placed near the sun and they’re all good. Not to mention very hip looking. Get the Lala DIY here

3. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera may be one of the easiest plants to have in and around the dorm. It takes about an inch of water every couple of days. It also can be used for many skin treatments and is commonly used for sun burn relief. Perfect for the after spring break burns.



Cacti are the perfect plant for the not so plant enthusiastic college girl. Remember cacti are normally found in the desert so they really not need much care. Stick them in the sun and water them when you can and they’ll survive those long finals weeks just like you can!

5. Succulents


succulents are virtually the most not-plant, plant you could ever have to take care of, not to mention the coolest looking. They come in many different varieties and can be found really anywhere you look. They make great desk decorations or cute window plants. They only need sunlight and to be watered once every week or so, very low maintenance for the busy college girl life style. Get our DIY here.

Benefits of Having Plants:

There are so many benefits of having plants in various parts of your college dorm/apartment. They give off oxygen which in obviously better for us because we need oxygen. They are also a great way to be responsible for something without starting to big. I started with my lucky bamboo and eventually worked my way up to other plants that were slightly harder to take care of. I love the feeling of knowing I’m doing my part to keep something alive even with my hectic schedule, not to mention they look great in my windows. It doesn’t take much to keep this 5 plants alive and they can brighten up and ones day.

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