5 Cartoon-Inspired Costumes We’re Rocking This Halloween

You can walk into almost any college Halloween party and see the same cast of characters:

In the corner, you’ll spot a Marilyn, spilling drinks on her white dress. Across the room, you’ll find the Playboy Bunny, suffocating in a corset. Most often there will be some Risky Business, slipping along the floor in her tube socks. And finally, there will always be the Cat, or really the girl who forgot to get a costume until that morning.

Sure, we all may have found ourselves as one of these girls in the past, but this Halloween doesn’t have to be the same. This is the one night a year where really anything goes, so why limit yourself to the predictable?

If you’re wanting to step out a little further in your costume this year, we recommend looking no further than your favorite Saturday morning cartoons.
betty boop

Red Cocktail Dress | Gold Earrings | Red Heals

Colored Hairspray | Red Gloves and Heels | Black Cocktail Dress
Darla from finding nemo copyPurple Sweater | Head Gear | Pigtails | Fish In A Bag
kim poss

Black Crop Top | Brown Utility Belt | Green Cargo Pants

Mustard Sweater | Red Pleated Skirt | Mustard Knee-highs

Brielle Saggese

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