5 Artists That Prove Tropical House Is The Coolest New Music Genre

In recent years, electronic music has developed many sub-genre’s that have grown in popularity among modern listeners- however one in particular stands out among the crowd…Tropical House.

Tropical House slows down the tempo when compared to it’s similar electronic counterpart EDM. It uses upbeat melodies comprised of horns, marimbas, and steel drums guaranteed to channel your inner island-chill vibes (not to mention perfect for your next party, workout playlist or jam session).

Here are 5 artists that prove Tropical House is the Coolest New Music Genre:

1. Thomas Jack

thomas-jackKnown as the “creator” of the genre who originally coined the term “Tropical House”, Australia’s Thomas Jack (20) is responsible for driving the genre into the mainstream realm. He’s produced countless remixes but recently released his own single that’s not to be missed.


2. Felix Jaehn

You can thank this guy for the infectious remix of OMI’s Cheerleader… The 20 year old German DJ and producer broke into the music scene at age 16 and is likely to stick around due to his perfectly irresistible balance of electro-chill.


              3. Kygo


Hailing from Norway, 23 year old Kygo is a classically trained musician who’s gaining publicity fast- Ultra Records and Sony International have both already signed deals with him, not to mention his growing number of plays on Soundcloud (150 million and counting).

4. Matoma


24 year old Matoma (Tom Stræte Lagergren) of Norway is known for his remixes of popular tracks such as “Old Thing Back” by B.I.G. and “Bailando” by Enrique Englasias. His exotic spin on classic hits make him an artist not to miss.


5. Klingande

Known for his use of piano and saxophone based tracks, this French based artist is an electronic DJ-turned-producer with numerous hits worldwide as well as several European- based tours.

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