4 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room More Spacious

Don’t know how you’re going to fit your entire life into 228 square feet? Take it from the hoarder who owns way too many elephant-shaped pencil holders: you’ll have enough room.  After three years of living in a dorm room, I’ve finally mastered the art of making it fit, and I’m here to spill my secrets:

Invest in Closet Storage


Fashionistas, rejoice! Retailers understand our plight and carry tons of fun tools to make the most of our ridiculously small dorm closets. Huggable hangers double what clothes racks can hold, and hanging closet organizers are a great way keep your shoe collection off the floor.

Utilize Your Walls

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Walls are more than just space for your artwork.  Leave your bookcase at home and opt for wall shelves and sconces to line your textbooks on. This saves you precious floor space for so many activities.

Get Creative With Your Furniture


Forget conventional uses of furniture and tailor the space to your needs. Who said you actually have to sleep on your bunk bed? Switch things up by using the top bunk for storage and keep your mattress on the floor.   If you don’t have a lot of clothes, use your dresser  to store movies, vinyl records, and video games. If you prefer to study at the library, turn your desk into a coffee bar/food station.

Think Minimalistic


Less is more. You already have a tight space to work with, so only fill it with the essentials. You don’t really need twenty mugs or your entire collection of owl figurines. You’ll thank yourself later for not filling every inch of your dorm with furniture and knick knacks. More open space means more friends to hang out with and fewer things to tidy up. Because when homework hits hard, who has time to organize their room?

Cathryn Lien

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