3 Shampoo Alternatives You Need To Try Right Now

I have a confession to make: I haven’t used shampoo in 9 months.

I know what you’re thinking. And no, it’s not that gross. Cutting shampoo out of my beauty routine has made my hair shinier, healthier and longer. And what should shock you more than the fact that I haven’t shampooed my hair in so long is this: the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day. If that doesn’t phase you, then maybe the fact that a California nonprofit found that  98 shampoos contained  cancer-causing chemicals will. You ready to throw out your shampoo yet?  Here are 3 chemical-free shampoo alternatives.

1.Castile soap

We’ve previously raved about how much we love castile soap here at the Lala. It’s a multi-purpose soap made using different natural oils. This method is perfect for our frugal  ladies because it has so many different uses. Because they are natural cleansers, Castile soaps can be used as shampoos, body washes, laundry detergent, toothpaste and so many other of ways. Hear that? It’s the sound of money saved. To use castile soap as a shampoo replacement, wet your hair, apply the soap, scrub your scalp and rinse. These soaps can be pretty concentrated so be sure to use a smaller amount.



2. Cleansing conditioner

For the girls who’d rather go without a limb than give up their shampoo, this one’s for you. The cleansing conditioner is a good method to try if you just want to dip your toe into the water before actually going completely chemical-free. But make sure to choose a product that’s actually chemical-free, as many drugstore brands sell cleansing conditioners that still contain harsh chemicals. We love this one from DevaCurl because it’s free of  sulfates, parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oil, phthalates and  DEA/MEA/TEA.


3. Water washing

This method is the simplest and most natural, but the hardest to get into the habit of (especially if your hair has grease ball tendencies). Water washing is great because it doesn’t involve any of the chemicals or toxins that shampoo and other hair products usually have. According to Shalom Mama, water washing is a simple three step process: wet your hair, scrub your scalp, and then dry and style. The point of water washing is to eventually cut out the use of all hair products and to let your hair’s natural oils do their job. For a detailed explanation of water washing, check out this video:

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