22nd Birthday Go-To Guide

At 10, you reach double digits. At 16 you’re able to drive. At 18 you buy your first lottery ticket and cigar for fun. At 21 you’re finally legal to order a glass of wine at dinner. And…. What’s next? The excitement of being “over the hill” nineteen years later?

Birthdays after 21 tend to get a little more bitter than sweet. At this age it’s hard to figure out how to celebrate what seems like just another year while you’re getting further into your twenties. We don’t have our moms anymore to plan a princess birthday party anymore, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about it all together. Turning 22 deserves to be celebrated. I mean, you survived being 21, right?

Here are some celebration and gift ideas so you can start feelin’ like you’re 22 as you and your friends ring in the double digits:

1. Skip the traditional “you’re legal, here’s some alcohol!” gift.

Give something meaningful and personal that involves putting a little effort in. Buying a board game like Monopoly or Guess Who and personalizing the cards or the faces will be a gift you can actually use!

2. Sometimes you just need to get out of the college bubble and take a break.

Get away and take a weekend trip to the closest city. Renting a hotel room for a night won’t be too expensive if you split up the cost. Go sightseeing, make reservations at fun restaurant, and take in a little bit of what the city has to offer. Maybe you’ll stumble on some unexpected adventure!

3. Birthday parties are underrated, people.

Head to your favorite bar with your besties for a few drinks to start off the night. Get a cake, buy some 2 2 balloons, and have a good time. Planning your own birthday party can be fun and a way to get everyone together! Plus, everyone enjoys a good night dancing out on the town.

4. For a more low key night, grab a few bottles of wine and enjoy some appetizers.

Hang out, watch a movie, eat some cheese, and don’t forget to blow out at least one birthday candle!

5. If your birthday falls near a holiday or big event, use it to your advantage.

This might be the best way to celebrate turning 22. Eating chips and guaq and drinking margaritas while wearing a sombrero might be the best way to combine your birthday and Cinco de Mayo!

Whenever your birthday falls during the year, everyone deserves to be celebrated so make sure to take some time out of your busy schedule to show how much you appreciate your friends around you!

Erin Hall

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