21st Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t End In A Hangover

So, the day you’ve been waiting for ever since you took your first sip of Moscato is here: your 21st birthday. Most 21st birthdays are routinely pre-gaming from noon-10 p.m., and then hitting up your local nightlife scene until the early hours of the morning- oh, and then waking up sicker than that one time in second grade you had the flu for two weeks. Whether you’re an old soul (like me) or you’ve just been partied out since your 18th birthday, here are some alternative celebration ideas that won’t leave your head in a toilet bowl the next morning.

Spa Day, Please

Need I say more? If you want to be pampered like a princess, schedule a spa day for you and your girls. From the champagne to the massages- and don’t forget the fluffy, white robes, – you’ll feel the uttermost relaxed as you welcome your 21st year of life.

Vino and Views

Say hello to the legal alcohol consumer that is you by enjoying a wine tasting. Going to a winery is a classy way to respect the spirit of a 21st birthday celebration, but make you and your gal pals feel like you’re abroad at a Tuscan vineyard.

Fancy a Cuppa?

Booking an afternoon tea is a memorable way to spend time with your loved ones. Treat it like the special occasion it is: send out invitations, get dressed up and most importantly, take a ton of Instagram pictures.

Fly Through the Sky

This one is for all of the adrenaline junkies out there, because nothing says 21 like jumping out of an airplane from the clouds. Skydiving on your birthday will be hard to top for years to come- pun intended.

Schedule a Staycation

The old cliché saying is true- there is adventure in your own backyard. Scope out the cutest hotel in your city, find a few of your closest friends and become tourists for the weekend!

Boozy Brunch

Two words: mimosas and sunshine.

Wine and Dine

It’s LBD time, ladies. Do your research, and find the swankiest restaurant in town to splurge on some cocktails and gourmet eats with your favorite people. Pinkies up.

Explore a New City

Go to your Pinterest travel board (we all have one), pick a city you’ve been eyeing and go. Personally, I recommend this one. I spent my 21st staying at the New York Palace Hotel in NYC, and I wouldn’t trade it for 10 shots of tequila.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Whether you’re taking a lesson on salsa dancing or pole dancing, letting loose and shaking your booty with your friends is always going to guarantee laughs, smiles and memories.

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