If 2016 Has Taught Us Anything, It’s To Power Up Your Girl Squad

Girl Squads– we’re all familiar with them by now. A quick search on Google will have you taking a scroll through Taylor Swift’s Instagram, and in seconds, you’ll see an envy-worthy squad filled with celebrity darlings, each of them inspirational in their own way.

Exhibit A: Swift's Girl Squad Power!
Exhibit A: Swift’s Girl Squad Power!

Now, what about your squad?

You may not think you have a squad– or you may be happy without one.

Let’s be clear though: everyone needs a girl power squad. They are a support system and sources of inspiration. And no, it’s not just made up of friends. For me personally, I find myself pulling together my squad from my friends, my bosses, my family– anyone who inspires and supports me is my definition of #squadgoals.

It’s different for everyone. Maybe your squad is made up of only friends. Maybe you consider your mom and aunts your perfect group. A few things stay consistent across squads, though.

For instance, squads are not one-way streets. You, as part of the squad, are part of someone else’s support system. Also, there are personalities include in your squad, people that you need to have to bring balance to your life and theirs, that you’ll see no matter what stage of your life you are in.

So, what should you look for in a squad? For me, I find myself surrounding myself with girls who fulfill these roles in my life:

1. The Supporter

You know the type: you send her a text about your crappy day, and she is texting back within seconds with a pep talk and an offer to buy you lunch. Even if she’s busy, she’s ready to put you first, which is crucial in moments when you feel the urge to text your ex or give up on life in general. She’s usually the quiet one, and is always ready to remind you to take care of yourself, be it mentally or physically. She can give you advice, but is more than happy just listening and be present for you, no matter your decision.

2. The Mentor

Part mom friend, and a whole lot of inspiration– she’s like you, but older and wiser. You may find her in a sorority big, a supervisor, or just someone a tad older than you. One thing is for sure: she knows just what to say. You could be dissing yourself over and over again, and she’ll remind you that that isn’t true, that she went through that too. (Which will probably be unbelievable, because the mentor type always has their shit together.) She is a pusher, through and through. Need a push to conquer a fear, or to take a new step in your life? Your mentor will be there, pushing you until you succeed.

3. The Cheerleader

She always has a pep talk waiting, and knows how to get the group energized. She’s motivating and fun, carefree and happy. When you have a bad day but don’t want to talk about it, she understands and is ready to help you power through it, be it by distracting you with a fun song or a night out. She’s the head of the break-up recovery committee, ready to reassure you that it really was them, and not you. There’s compliments and confidence boosting abound in her words, and sometimes that’s all a girl needs.

4. The One Who Holds You Accountable

This friend won’t let you get away with phoning it in, and is always ready to call you out on your less than stellar moments– but in a gentle way. She’s a bit like the mentor– ready to push– but she doesn’t have to inspire you. Rather, she reminds you that you should be inspiring yourself, and indulging in self-destructive behavior (be it by being petty or skipping class) is not the way to do that. Some may call her a kill-joy, but one thing is for sure: you need her bluntness.

5. The Everygirl

In most cases, a squad is made up of “everygirls.” To some members, they may be the supporter; to others, they are the ones holding you accountable. They may be a mixture of every category I’ve noted, or they may be a distinct personality that you personally need. No matter what, they provide a new perspective that is fueled from their varying viewpoint. They are social chameleons, but the purpose of their friendship stays the same: to build up the girls around her.

The main take away: Girl Squads are not a “One Size Fits All” thing.

They’re an eclectic mix of women who build each other up in their own way, with their own strengths. How you fit into your squad is up to you, because you have yourself to offer. Be yourself and ask for the same from your squad. That’s the best way to bring power to your group, and how to make a girl squad even Taylor would envy.

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