Sorry, Not Sorry: 20 Things to Never Apologize For

These days, the phrase “I’m sorry” is used more often than ever before, and sometimes for things that don’t even need to be apologized for. Like how you still enjoy watching Disney movies. Or how sometimes you just don’t feel like working out. Who cares? Own it! Those things are what makes you, you. Read on for 20 more things you should never say sorry for…

1. Putting yourself first.
Sure, in a perfect world you could be there for everyone’s crises and your own all at the same time. But this is the real world. Sometimes you have to make a choice and not feel bad about choosing yourself.

2. Taking a minute, day, week or even months to think over a big decision.
If you have any doubts about taking a new job or moving to another state/country, take your time. Rushing never solved anything. You might end up regretting your decision if you don’t.

3. Crying.
Hey, it’s natural! Cry! Whether you’re watching a sappy, romantic chick flick or just blowing off steam after a fight with your friends, cry.

4. Passionately chasing your dream.
Even if that dream includes moving to New York City, with one suitcase and no money, to crash on a friend’s couch in hopes of becoming Editor-in-Chief of Vogue…

5. Your success.
After spending months crashing on your friend’s couch and finally landing your dream job (or becoming a step closet to it), don’t apologize or downplay your accomplishments just because others haven’t quite found their footing. Dimming your light doesn’t make anyone else’s shine brighter.

6. Standing up for what you believe in.
Point blank period. Just so long as you share your points nicely and disagree in a respectful way.

7. Watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix for hours at a time.
Who knew hospitals had so much drama and such steamy doctors? We’ll never apologize for staring at Dr. Avery’s abs over and over again.

8. Wanting to be alone.
It’s just one of those days. Cry. Pout. Lay in the bed eating chocolate ice cream and reading Cosmopolitan.

9. Dancing in your bathroom mirror while belting out Beyoncé.
All hail Queen B.

10. Obsessing over your celebrity crush.
Yeah, not sorry. One day we’re positive  we’ll marry Channing Tatum, Jesse Williams and Michael B. Jordan, so what’s the harm in fantasizing?

11. Wanting a boyfriend (and eventually a husband).
Sometimes us self-proclaimed feminists have a hard time admitting that we don’t want to be alone forever, as if it makes us less of a woman. But, why? Who ever said a woman couldn’t have it all? You can still be a fierce, powerful, independent boss and want someone equally as strong to cuddle up beside you.

12. Being unable to buy Girl Scout cookies outside of Wal-Mart.
Those angelic faces get us every time (along with those Thin Mints). But don’t feel bad; this time around you just don’t have any extra money. You are a college student.

13. Reading self-help books.
A little self-improvement never hurt anybody. Plus those books have some solid advice, like how to deal with judgmental people who criticize the reading choices of others.

14. Splurging on a new pair of heels.
Or a new bag. Or hey, maybe even a new laptop! You worked hard for the money, so enjoy it.

15. Spending hours getting ready.
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the perfect outfit. Feeling confident in your look before heading out on a Saturday night takes time. So take all the time you need; the party doesn’t start ’til you walk in anyways.

16. Ordering a steak instead of a salad.
First date, or a night out with the girls? Do not, we repeat, do not order something you don’t want just to please the group. If you want a steak, burger and a side of cheesecake, order it and don’t feel guilty. Likewise, if you just want a salad then have at it.

17. Saying no.
With all the confusion in the world surrounding the word “no,” we may start to feel like it’s pointless to use it. Listen here; NO is a great word. A powerful word, and it’s a word that could be used no matter the time, place or situation.

18. For the way you laugh.
Sure it may be loud. You may snort. Your face my even bunch up in some weird way once you really get going, but it’s all a part of what makes you special.

19. Asking questions.
If you want to know something, ask. Ask for advice. Ask for clarification. Ask for reassurance. Just ask. Who invented the game 20 questions? Probably a woman who knew the importance of being well-versed and informed, without any remorse.

20. Being you.
Need we say more?

What do you think Lala readers? What else should we stop apologizing for?

Alexis Reliford

Contributor Major: Mass Communication Her heart belongs to: Magazines, Girl Scout Cookies, spring time, New York city and anything orange or cheetah print. You can find her: Sipping on heavily sugared coffee while writing on her blog or dancing in the mirror to Whitney Houston's greatest hits.

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