15 Twitter Accounts For The College Feminist

The conversation surrounding feminism has ramped up a ton in past years. Luckily, young people today have grown up with technology and a constant flow of ideas, fostering an increasingly accepting social landscape. This means that more and more people are identifying as feminists and fighting for equality. As a modern feminist, it is only natural to use Twitter to keep up with the news that interests you. Here are 15 accounts that the modern feminist will love.

Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti TwitterJessica Valenti, columnist at The Guardian and author of Sex Object, keeps it real. She started the blog Feministing in 2004, so she is a veteran in the art of feminism. Follow her for her thoughts and insights on politics and women’s issues, because we all know that, really, women’s issues are everyone’s issues.


Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.16.41Speaking of Jessica Valenti, the Twitter account for the blog that she started is a great source for feminist news. Each day, they tweet a Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet (DFCS) for you to get the vital info you need to start your day in a flash.

 Feminist Majority

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.14.30Feminist Majority is an organization “working for women’s equality, from the streets to the legislature.” These tweets are great because they usually link to the need-to-know stories of the day and highlight a blurb or quote to give you the gist if you don’t have time to read the entire article.

 Polly Nor

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.21.13Nor, an artist from North London creates work focused on female sexuality, emotional instability, and relationships through her portrayal of women and demons. Her artwork is visually striking and thought-invoking while being wildly relatable and unapologetic. She is a must-follow.

Amandla Stenberg

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.46.13After Amandla’s flawless clap back to Kylie Kardashian’s cultural appropriation a few months ago, you have probably heard her name once or twice. You may also know her as Rue from “The Hunger Games.” Now, you can know her as Twitter queen and flawless feminist.


Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.15.42Women care about a lot more than just politics and activism. That’s what makes Jezebel, a feminist blog about pop culture, sex and fashion, so great. Women get to care about anything and everything. Jezebel gives women the content they want without belittling or stereotyping.

Laverne Cox

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.35.57

Laverne Cox reminds us all that there is no one type of woman. An avid activist in the LGBT+ community, Cox is a perfect example of intersectional feminism. Feminism is about equality more than it is about women. Feminism is about equaling the playing field for everyone.

 Franchesca Ramsey

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.20.09Ramsey’s bio reads that her activism is intersectional and that her morals are non-negotiable. Another clear and unwavering voice in the intersectional feminism community comes from the writer for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. If you want more of her witty, funny, and smart-as-hell rhetoric, she hosts a podcast and a web show for MTV.

The Happy Feminist

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.23.25The Happy Feminist brings good feminist news to your timeline all day. What more could you ask?

Bitch Media

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.18.19

Bitch Media is a “nonprofit, independent, feminist media organization dedicated to providing and encouraging an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.” Their tweets range from links to articles and podcasts to retweets about pop-culture and trending hashtags. This account is a bright addition to any timeline.

Liz Plank

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.41.24Liz Plank, owner of the incredible handle @feministabulous, is a Senior Editor at Mic and a host of “Flip the Script,” a video series dealing with societal issues. She is great for modern feminists to follow because she is a young social media whiz with tons of opinions and experiences to share with her followers. Tap the follow button to see her coverage of the presidential campaign and daily news with a feminist lens.

 Feminist Culture

Screenshot 2016-02-21 22.06.12Feminist Culture, an account started by a teenage activist in 2015, is on the pulse of feminism as a digital movement. You can trust that whatever has the Internet’s attention will be commented on.

Priya-Alika Elias

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.44.50Priya is a lawyer and writer for publications like Vox, Medium, Gawker, and more. She tweets about pop culture and feminism with a hefty dose of sass. Being nice doesn’t always get things done, you know?

Jessica R. Williams

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.19.03Williams is the youngest ever correspondent at The Daily Show after she began her work there in 2012. She is a comedian out of Los Angeles with a strong voice and stronger opinions. If you need a hint of realness that will make you laugh during your lunch break Twitter scroll, Williams is your gal.

Jay Newton-Small

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.07.06Newton-Small, TIME’s Washington correspondent and author of Broad Influence, a book about women in politics, is a know-it-all. Not in a bad way, she just kind of knows it all. She is a go-to source for your politics news from a woman’s point of view, which honestly, isn’t easy to find in Washington these days.


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