11 Foolproof Ways To Ask Someone Out In Real Life

What happened to the good old days of awkwardly approaching someone in public? Lucky for you my dear Lala readers, we have a definitive list of 11 ways to ask someone out IRL.

1. Visualize the life you will have together

As you gaze into this stranger’s eyes from across the room, imagine the life you two will have together. You can live in a charming home in the woods and churn your own butter. Your children will be named Lavender and Sage, and they’ll be musical prodigies. You can have a tomato garden and solar panels powering your home and cars. Intricately planning the rest of your life will make saying hello seem easy and necessary.

2. Stare at them until they notice, wink and blow a kiss

If you stare at this cutie long enough, they’re likely to stare back. When you’ve finally made eye contact, reel them in with your charm.

3. Send a drink over and attach a love letter written on a soggy napkin

Simple. Elegant. Seductive.

4. speak to them in Pig latin

Show your intelligence by speaking in another language. The object of your affection will be intrigued, excited, and impressed by your skill. Not to mention, Pig Latin is the language of love.

5. incessantly flip your hair

A subtle yet charming way to attract a mate. Your potential lover will marvel at the way your hair whips in the wind.

6. Ask them to judge your Morgan Freeman impression

Their reaction to the impression will indicate if they are worth your while.

7. Walk by them approximately ten times while practicing your best runway walk

We all have practiced our runway walk in hopes of Tyra finding us on Instagram and inviting us on the next cycle of America’s Next Top Model. It’s time to show off the walk you’ve been doing in your basement all these years.

8. Stand on top of a table and juggle some knives

A flashy and skillful way to catch anyone’s eye.

9. Stand on top of a table and juggle some knives, drop a knife

Your potential lover will rush to your side to ensure your safety and make sure you’re okay. How sweet.

10. Use some cheesy pick up lines

Lines such as “Did you sit in a pile of sugar, cuz you’ve got a sweet ass!” are definite crowd pleasers. Ten out of ten would recommend. (Just kidding, don’t actually objectify or harass strangers.)

11. Confidently approach the person and strike up a genuine conversation

This is the simplest and surest way to figure out if you and that attractive stranger across the room or that acquaintance in your math class are even slightly compatible. Just relax and be yourself and initiating a date will come naturally. Asking someone out doesn’t have to be as complicated as we all think it is. And if all else fails, whip out the Morgan Freeman impression.

Image via Anna Schultz

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