10 Times We Fell In Love With Ed Sheeran

We cannot get enough of Ed Sheeran, from his adorable accent to his array of tattoos. His sense of humor and laid back style give him his relatable casual vibe, and he writes songs that make us want to cry or fall in love…or maybe both. Here were ten times when our favorite British redhead (sorry Rupert Grint) stole our hearts.

Anytime he Supported Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is arguably the most popular pop artist right now, and she also has a squad that we are dying to be a part of. Not only is Ed a friend of the inspiring and supportive singer, but the two also recorded “Everything Has Changed” together, making listeners root for them to fall in love and write duets forever. Although the two never dated, Sheeran is constantly supporting her music and defending her against hateful press, which earns him major props from us.

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When he Hung out With Celebrities in low key Places

As a wealthy celebrity, you might expect Ed to frequent high-status nightclubs and be particular about the places he attends, but he’s a lot more down to earth than that. So what does Ed do when Beyonce and Jay-Z come to his show? He takes them for pizza and shots at his friend’s bar. Watch this clip from The Tonight Show where Ed talks about the night we all wish we were invited to.


When he Explained That he’s not in it for the Money

Spotify came under some flack recently for failing to pay musicians fairly while streaming their music. Unlike other musicians, Ed didn’t find this to be so unfavorable. He admitted that he gets very little money from the app, but he doesn’t worry about it affecting his career, which he says is all about performing live. Ed thinks that as long as people are listening to the music, even if they are streaming it for free, it is still being heard. “The more iPods, phones, and computers that I’m on, the better, because I just want to play. That’s what I enjoy”.

When he Wore This cat Sweater

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No explanation necessary.


When he Said This Quote About Individuality

In November of 2014, Ed was interviewed in Seventeen magazine where he was quoted saying, “Quirks might seem weird when you’re young, but they make you stand out when you’re older and that’s an important thing.” The significance of staying true to you, we couldn’t have said it better.

When he Gave Back

Not only does he frequently donate his clothes, including the ones he wore at the Grammys, to local shops; but he also gets fans to donate to charity as well. On his tour in 2012, Ed had those on the VIP list donate to the charity Crisis, an organization who focuses on ending homelessness. Ed has said that his time at the charity really affected him and made him want to give back, also noting that the song “The A Team” was inspired by his time there. Is there a nicer guy out there? We think not.

When he Wore his Signature Flannel and told a classic joke

Who doesn’t love a guy with a sense of humor? Ed graced us with his presence and wit when he appeared on the Ellen show last year to tell a simple yet admirable joke. We would also like to point out his adorably awkward handguns at the end; they really tie it all together.

When he got a massive lion tattoo on his chest

When Ed posted this photo of his new ink on Instagram some people criticized his choice of such a large and seemingly random tattoo. Instead of taking the comments to heart Ed stayed true to his unique self and defended his choice. He revealed that the tattoo represented the time he sold out all three shows at the Wembley Stadium in London. Ed once again amazes us with his ability to be himself, bizarre tattoos and all.

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When he Decided to Trade Social Media in for the Real World

Ed announced in December that he would be taking a break from all social media for about a year, a goal most of us find ourselves setting after reviewing our late night snap chat stories. Sheeran explained his reason for the absence via Instagram saying, “I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes.” We love that Ed is able to take a step back from the media to see the world, and we’re hoping we can follow in his footsteps.

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Anytime he Wrote a Song

With all of these reasons and more, one thing that is certain is Ed Sheeran makes some pretty amazing music. I will never get tired of turning on my radio to another song mixed with falsetto, guitar jams, and on point lyrics; which is why I am already excited for Ed’s upcoming album claiming to be “the best thing he has made.” Until it’s release next year you can find me attempting to quit social media unsuccessfully, sketching lion tattoos, and replaying all of Ed’s first two albums on repeat.

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