The 10 Roommates You’ll Have In College

Whether you find each other on Facebook or you get paired through residential life’s random selection process, your college roommate plays a huge role in shaping your experience. If you hit it off, you have a side kick for the next four years. If you don’t, you’ve got some really interesting stories. Or, maybe you two are somewhere in between. But no matter what, every roommate has something special about her that makes her memorable.

The Sampler

She tries all of your products in the shower secretly without ever telling you. She might also try your clothes on while you’re not in the room.

The Seagull

You have to hide all of your snacks from this roommate. At the sound of any type of snack bag opening she comes running to ask “Can I have one?”

The Bridesmaid

She’s your soul sister, you are convinced that fate brought the two of you together, and you will without a doubt be lifelong friends. Your college experience would not be the same without her.

The Over Achiever

She’s involved with everything on campus. When you’re sleeping in a Saturday morning she’s out volunteering or going for a morning run. She’s generally good at heart, though on occasion passively shames you for not joining her on the united student government or some other club she basically runs.

The Party Animal

This girl goes out at least twice during the week, and never misses a weekend night. She may wake you up when she wanders in at 3:00 A.M. but she has the best stories.

The Quiet One

Her side of the room is always tidy. She keeps to herself. Also, she either secretly loves you or hates you, but you will never know which of the two it is.

The Brain

She spends more time in the library than she does in your room. She’s not impressed with anything lower than an A-, and if she gets a bad grade, your roommie duties include consoling her over a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.

The Buddy

You don’t have the same circle of friends, but you get along really well. You do a lot of roommie things together, like going to the cafeteria and binge watching TV instead of doing homework. You can vent to her about anything.

The Ghost

This is the roommate who is never around. She’s always either home or out doing something that doesn’t involve being in your dorm room. It’s like living alone, for the most part.

The Reporter

She’s involved in a few things on campus, you share some of the same friends, and she has a great work-life balance when it comes to studying and going out. Somehow, she always knows everything about everybody so she keeps you informed on things such as who is dating who and what the next senior night theme will be.

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