10 Must-Packs for a Summer Music Festival

Music festivals have quickly become the newest Starbucks- over-priced but amazing. While the festivities provide the perfect opportunity to sport glitter and anything boho-inspired, you might be surprised at the strength it takes to endure and survive a summer music festival.

From Bonnaroo in the farmlands of Tennessee to Lollapalooza in the concrete jungle of Chicago, we’ve had our fair share of music festival experiences and although the pictures may look glamorous to the Facebook world, we’d say that four days of camping in 100 degree weather without shower access is far from it. Who woulda thought?

Here are a few tricks of the trade to help make your experience better before it begins. Grab these 10 things to be on your way to the best fest.

1) Flip Flops or Junky Sneaks– with an emphasis on the ‘junky’. Your choice should depend on whether you’ll mind the shoe tan line or potentially losing them in the crowd of a concert. After an enormous storm at CounterPoint in Atlanta this year, some people even lost them in the mud.

2) Canteen/ Overly Large Water Bottle– most places won’t allow you to bring in water itself, but an empty bottle will do. Find the filling stations around the grounds for a free, quick fill up. Don’t be one of those people passed out in the middle of a show due to dehydration…pretty scary, pretty preventable.

3) Spray Bottle/ Fan Combo– quick story for explanation: After running into a girl who was spritzing everyone she passed with her water sprayer, she said that someone referred to her as a hydration angel. Don’t you want to be a hydration angel, too?

4) Sun BlockDon’t be like our friend who ended up with a blistering nose after the first day. Bring a couple of mini bottles so that you can carry them on to the grounds and re-apply all day. No one wants to be the lobster of the group.

5) Phone Car-Charger/ Solar Battery– If you get separation anxiety after leaving your phone while you go to the bathroom, one of the above is definitely a must-have if you are camping or in the middle of a desolate farm with no hope of electricity. Plus, that solar battery is just so hip.

6) Clothing you Don’t Mind Getting Down and Dirty in or no clothing at all if you want to roll that way. Most people sport a bathing suit for the majority of the time because of the wicked temps. Plus, in those outrageously crowded shows, you won’t be wanting get your favorite shirt drenched in someone else’s sweat.

7) Good ole’ PB&J Supplies (and other snacks of your liking)We’re college kids on a budget, so yeah, you’ll want to save your cash for some sweet souvenirs rather than on a  $10 burrito. For 10 bucks you’d expect it to be magical, right? Wrong. Chow down on your own goodies.

8) Bandana First and foremost, it’s absolutely awesome to play the role of a hippy for a weekend. A bright bandana brings you one step closer to a look that everyone can rock. Aside from materialistic purposes, sometimes it can get so dry and dusty around the grounds. It can be nice to have a home-made gas mask by your side (slightly dramatic, but true.)

9) Sunglasses or a Hat– The summer sun is killer, sometimes temperatures will rocket over 100 degrees. Your face will be thanking you for the additional shade, trust us…and our blistered nose friend.

10) Travel-size Shampoo– Music festivals definitely aren’t for some people, say people who can’t stand living with a thick layer of dirt on their skin or having hair that starts to dread lock after days. Sound like you? Be sure to grab some shampoo and rinse off in the nearest water source. The world is your shower.

Ten simple items that will turn your music festival experience from frantic to fabulous. Haven’t booked your ticket yet? Well this was your inspiration. Getting going to a festival you’ll lalalove.

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