10 Movies We Wish Had Sequels

With “Captain America: Civil War,” Independence Day: Resurgence,” and  “Finding Dory” hitting theaters, this seems like the year of sequels for the movie industry.  Although sequels generally get a bad rap for being lower quality than the originals, we can’t help but look back at all our old favorite films and want more. Whether you were dissatisfied with a movie’s ending or you left the theater wanting more, you can probably think of one movie you wish somebody would make a sequel of. Here’s a list of movies from our childhood we wish Hollywood would revisit:

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events


The 2004 movie was based on the first three novels of the children’s book  series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the  villainous County Olaf brought lively humor to an otherwise dark tale, and   everyone in elementary school loved to imitate the dinosaur scene.   Unfortunately, the rest of the Unfortunate Events was never put on the  silver screen, however Netflix plans to release a television series based on   the book series later this year.



Nightmare Before Christmas


This classic stop-motion animation film brought fun and wonder to the Halloween genre, making it the only movie you can watch on both Halloween and Christmas.  Although Tim Burton is strongly against the idea of a sequel, we would love to enter into the other holiday worlds.  Jack Skeleton stumbles into Turkey Town, perhaps?





Voyage of the Dawn Treader

large_Arq0dOHneyM2mQOftr0vPLUE94F (1)Another book-turned-film franchise that was never completed, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finished the story of the Pevensie children but left the rest of Narnia’s fantastical characters unresolved. With four other books worth of material to work from, there’s plenty of room for a sequel in the future.  We’d love for Hollywood to revisit Aslan and the other fairytale creatures of Narnia.



The Iron Giant

The_Iron_Giant_2015_Comic_Con_Poster (1)

This critically acclaimed 1999 sci-fi animated film was one of our favorites from childhood, and now that we’re all grown up we recognize its serious themes: anti-war, individualism (As Hogarth says, You are who you choose to be), and the threat of Nuclear war in the 1950s. Despite the film becoming a cult classic and receiving rave reviews, there’s no talk of another film in the works. But with the film’s tear-jerker ending and final frame of hope that the Iron Giant will rebuild himself, who wouldn’t wish for a sequel?




Monsters Inc.


We know what you’re going to say: “But what about Monsters University??” Prequels don’t count. We’re asking for a real sequel to this much beloved Pixar classic. We enjoyed watching Mike and Sully grow into the monsters we know and love in Monsters University, but what about their lives post-Waternoose scandal? What’s working on the Laugh Floor like? Is the fame of being “top-laugher” going to Mike’s head? And what about the ending of Monsters Inc? What happened to Boo and Sully?! Talk about a cliff-hanger!




Napoleon Dynamite


We fell in love with Napoleon Dynamite for its geeky charm and incredibly awkward humor, which helped redefine the teen comedy. We know that LaFawnduh and Kip got their happy ending, but what about Napoleon and Deb? Are we really supposed to be content watching them play tetherball into the sunset? We want to see Napoleon graduate high school, go on a road trip, attempt college, live out his dancing or dreams, or maybe enter politics with Pedro. Honestly, with a set of characters this odd, anything can happen.




The Breakfast Club


It’s one of the greatest high school films of all time, so we question if a sequel would help or harm the original. Still, we can’t help but wonder what would happen to the Brat Pack teens. Would they really all stay friends? How long would Bender and Claire’s relationship really last? Will Brian overcome the pressures his parents put on him? Can a basket case like Allison and a jock like Andy stay sweethearts beyond high school? If a movie were made to answer all our questions, we wouldn’t mind watching it.


The Road to El Dorado


An underappreciated animated film from our childhood, The Road to El Dorado gave us adventure, laughs, romance, thrills, and…an unsatisfying ending. After pretending to be ancient Mexican gods in order to steal gold, Miguel and Tulio escape the city with…no gold. We know the movie intended to prove that friendship and adventure are more important than all the riches in the world, but it’s kind of sad to think that Miguel and Tulio didn’t manage to take any gold. We’d like to see what adventure Chel and the boys go on next.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging


Based on the British young adult diary/novel series, Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, this UK teen-comedy chick flick has everything you could want: a feisty, sympathetic heroine, a stylish and fun friend group, a broodingly handsome musician, fun lingo (double cool with knobs, am I right?) and a cat. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend you add it to your girl’s night agenda. Since the movie’s plot is based on only the first two books in the series, we have high hopes that Georgia Nicolson’s hilarious antics aren’t over yet.



Disney gave us Tangled Ever After, a short film that covered the wedding of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, and yet we’re still craving more! As the film that rebooted Disney’s Princess franchise, we fell in love with Rapunzel’s spunky character and Flynn Rider’s rough-edged charm. We have Tangled to thank for paving the way for even more progressive princess movies like Frozen. Even though Tangled’s ending seems cut and dry (they marry, they live happily ever after, the end), there’s endless possibilities for a sequel. Especially with all the film theories sprouting up about the Frozen and Tangled universe, we wouldn’t be surprised if a cross-over film sequel is in our future.

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