10 Lustworthy Resume Designs For The Creative Professional

When you’re applying for jobs and internships in the professional world, you want your personal style to stand out even when you’re not in a face to face meeting. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the stationary you use for application materials. After all, these are the “eyes to the soul” of the application process, so why not make an excellent first impression before you even step foot into the interview room?! We rounded up some of the coolest resume designs we could find so you can take some inspiration and inject a little creativity into your professional life.


A simple layout for the minimalist-chic girl. Clean lines and color blocking give a sophisticated feel for a different yet totally professional look.


A bright page topper showcases your name and gives the reader a fun image to remember you by. A symmetrical layout and pretty font seal the deal for this visually pleasing design.


A pretty mint green border and a structural design give a light, simple feel to this resume. Small pictures add a creative touch that’s appropriate, but also add a nice personal aspect.


A fun, geometric border shows off your fun side while a clean layout with structured sections highlights your organizational skills.


A neutral color scheme plus fun little icons next to the headers make for an interesting take on the classic resume design.


This design is equal parts creative and organized. With a few bursts of color and a smartly organized list of experience, this resume demonstrates efficiency and a good sense of aesthetic.


Another sophisticated design influenced by minimalism with a creative twist. We love the cute picture in the top corner, and if it’s appropriate for the job we think everyone should consider including a professional head shot!


A fun, floral design for the ultra girly girl in us all.  A clean, simple layout with a unique initialed stamp at the top will definitely help your resume stand out from the crowd.


A stylish resume is a happy resume…perfect for a job in fashion, this design highlights crazy-good organizational skills and a tasteful sense of aesthetics.


One of the most unique designs we’ve seen yet–this resume is perfect for an artist or graphic designer. It’s completely unique and totally original, we love the use of color and the flow of the fonts and wording.

all images via pinterest

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