10 Instagram Accounts To Fuel Your Wanderlust

You’ve got wanderlust bad. It’s the middle of Spring Semester, and all you can think about are your spring break getaway plans. Whether you’re looking to explore the U.S. or overseas, here are 10 Instagram accounts that are sure to turn you into a travel junkie.

1. Hannes Becker (@hannes_becker)

Melbourne Hot Air Balloon

Camping in Germany









An outdoor freelance photographer based in Hessen, Germany, Hannes Becker is a member of the “Consortium of German Explorers,” which collect travel photos from Germany and around the world on the account @germanroamers. He captures the beauty of landscapes and animals from his home country to Finland to Australia. On traveling, Becker writes:

“Traveling for me is getting away from the hustle and bustle of life back at home. Refresh your mind, go somewhere you don’t know. You will regain your energy by this.” 

2. Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)

@kirstenalana KirstenAlana_Photography_2








Kirsten Alana’s feed is filled with snaps from her travels to major U.S. cities and throughout Europe. Based in NYC as a luxury travel and lifestyle photographer, she shares pictures of the gorgeous venues she visits, along with breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes.

3. Beautiful Places (@epicexploring)









This account features destinations across the globe by photographers across the world. Simply tag and use the hashtag #epicexploring and your travel photo could be featured on their feed.

4. Berty Mandagie (@bertymandagie)


Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.01.48 AM








Based in Seattle Washington, Berty Mandagie is a wedding and adventure photographer that shoots primarily in the Olympic Peninsula, but travels and books photo shoots across the globe. Last month he traveled to Istanbul and explored Machu Picchu over the summer.

5. Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht)

Lucy Laucht Photography 1 Lucy Laucht Photography 2









Born in England, Lucy Laught has traveled to 30 different countries in the last eight years. A writer, photographer, and self-proclaimed “serial wanderluster,” she lived in Australia before finally settling in NYC to work in fashion. Her feed features beaches, bustling cities, fashion, and landscapes of The Outback.

6. Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)

Expert Vagabond 1 Expert Vagabond 2








Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel blogger/photographer who’s seen it all: from hiking the snowy mountains of Norway to traversing through the Guatemalan jungle, his Instagram feed covers all travel tastes. 

7. A Lady In London (@aladyinlondon)


A Lady In London A Lady In London 2








Originally from San Francisco, “Lady” is an award-winning blogger, and has been featured among the “Top 20 Travel Instagrammers” in Esquire & Harper’s Bazaar.  Her blog has taken her to 101 countries in counting, and she currently posts for BBC Travel. She even gives lectures on social media at Cambridge University. Follow her amazing life on Instagram as she posts London landmarks and city life from her unique perspective.

8. Mio Monasch (monascherie)

monascherie monascherie








An adventure and lifestyle photographer based out of Seattle, Washington, Mio Monasch views Monascherie Photography “as an opportunity to remove the boundaries of singular style and create content of need-based vision and artistic choice.” He shoots primarily along the U.S. West Coast, but right now he’s on a Canadian adventure sponsored by @tourismjasper.  Follow him for that rustic, woodsy vibe.

9. Hunter Hebenstreit (coffeehunterr)

coffeehunterr coffeehunterr








From Georgia to Kentucky to across the country, Hunter Hebenstreit has two passions: coffee and mountains. He’s either drinking a mug of pour over or hiking through northern Georgia, or both. Follow his main account for the mountains, his @commongroundscollective for the coffee, and check out @lavandesoap for the handmade soap company he founded with his fiancée.

10. Jenny LeBlanc (@wolverinephotography)

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.01.48 AM Wolverine Photography








Wolverine, Michigan is where Jenny LeBlanc discovered her passion for photography. Since then she’s traveled across the world taking photos of everything from waterfalls to deserts, and from giraffes to elk. Discover the vast landscape of Michigan as you scroll through her feed of wintery forests and cool summer lakes.

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