10 DIY Bloggers We’re Obsessed With

There’s something uniquely gratifying that comes with enjoying something you’ve made yourself. Enter: DIY Projects.

Whether you want to create jewelry, home decor, recipes, clothing, or anything in between without breaking the bank, we’ve sorted through the masses and compiled a list of our top 10 favorite DIY bloggers to help your Do-It-Yourself dreams come to life.

Warning: Highly addictive projects lie ahead.

1. Honestly WTF

It’s no secret that co-founders Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny have made their mark in the do-it-yourself world thanks to their creative collaboration. Their sassy blog title paired with a website jam-packed with of crazy cool projects (and a whole lot of other awesome content) makes for one successful blog. As a former stylist, Coffman paired up with fashion designer friend Kolodny to create an online destination that covered anything from crafty projects to fashion to art to travel, and anything else their hearts desired. Lucky for us, it’s all just a click away.

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2. Almost Makes Perfect

Molly Madfis knows that perfection is unrealistic even when it comes to crafting, hence her cleverly titled blog “Almost Makes Perfect”. As she says on the website, “There’s no fun in making things if you take yourself too seriously, so be ok with messing up, ok?”. YASSSSS, we are ok with that, Molly. Her approachably chic yet adorable projects are easy to follow and even easier to fall in love with once you’re done.

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3. Studs and Pearls

New Yorker turned San Francisco-based blogger, Kirsten Nunez, effortlessly blends feminine and edgy with her blog Studs and Pearls. Whether it’s a flower clip embellished purse, watercolor pillowcases, or an Anthropologie-inspired hand chain, there’s something here for everyone. Nunez even published her own book filled with projects from her blog.

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4. Sugar & Cloth

With photos that look like they came from the gates of Instagram heaven, 26-year-old Ashley Rose has us hooked on her charming collection of “need that now” DIYs. Her relatable style of writing and eclectic yet modern theme make her projects perfect for any college girl looking to channel her inner creative side.

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5. Thanks, I Made It

Because uh, who doesn’t love saying that when you get complimented on your new crafty masterpiece? Erin Pruckno, a trendy teacher living in Washington DC, has an undeniable talent for creating things that most people would never believe were homemade. Her image based DIY gallery makes finding the perfect project easier than ever.

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6. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are the creative crafting sister team behind “A Beautiful Mess”. The duo began collaborating for the site in 2010, and since then they’ve not only grown their website but created two best-selling apps as well as two books and a product line. Damn girl(s)! Their success is understandable, however, with their organized yet content-heavy blog housing anything from cookie butter recipes to hair tutorials.

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7. Lovely Indeed

As a wife, mother, and New Yorker turned Californian, Chelsea Foy should add “expert DIY-er” to her next biography. Most of her creations are perfect for stepping your apartment/house up to the next level, but she does have posts geared toward fashion and recipes as well (like her ‘Spiked Watermelon Rosemary Punch’ for example)…need we say more?

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8. Homey Oh My!

With a focus on home decor, Amy Kim’s Homey Oh My! is the definition of laid back, modern living with a sophisticated twist. Put a few of her projects around your humble abode and you’ll feel like you’re “adulting” in no time (quite stylishly too, we might add).

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9. Aunt Peaches

If low maintenance, inexpensive crafts with amazing results sound too good to be true, look to Peaches as the Southern aunt we never had for proof that the unexpected is indeed possible. She uses everyday
items such as tacky glue and duct tape to transform the ordinary into extraordinary- perfect for anyone who wants to make something special with not a ton of time. Yes, please!

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10. I Spy DIY

Jenni Radosevich puts unique New York style into her own hands with her abundance of creative ideas and creations within the “I Spy DIY” blog and “I Spy DIY Style” book. Not only does her website include all of her awesome tutorials, but her inspirations behind the ideas as well. With the addition of her unconventional yet totally re-creatable outfit ideas, we’ve got ourselves a new addiction.

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