10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands We’re Loving

Raise your hand if you spent countless childhood sleepovers watching the Legally Blonde series.

If you, like me grew up watching a certain pink-loving blonde, you definitely remember the scene in the second film where Elle finally gets legislation passed to stop animal testing.

Unfortunately, though, Legally Blonde is just a movie, Bruiser’s Bill isn’t actually real, and we can’t all hand in our essays on scented pink paper.

Though in 2014 the US banned animal testing, it has still yet to ban the selling of brands that use cosmetic testing. You can still help though by supporting companies that are certified against animal testing.

Within the past decade, the number of PETA and Leaping Bunny certified brands has grown immensely. Here’re 10 of our favorite cruelty-free beauty brands.


This drugstore brand is known for their wide range of products often known for being the first to follow high-end trends. You’ve definitely seen their soft matte lip cream in ‘Copenhagen’ all over Pinterest.  Cheap may describe their prices but it definitely doesn’t describe their product quality. Though the brand used to be fairly elusive, its product selection is becoming more widely available at drugstores like Target and CVS.

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH has been one of the leading beauty brands fighting against animal testing for over a decade now. The brand is popular among bath lovers, as they have some of the prettiest bath bombs on the market. Can you say hello Van Gough looking bath water? LUSH offers an assortment of bath, shower, and body products. It even dabbles in cosmetics and perfumes. The company also makes it super easy to find out exactly which of their products are 100% vegan, by posting vegan product symbol next to the items on their website.

Colourpop Cosmetics

You’ve probably seen this LA-based brand on your Instagram feed lately. Many of the brand’s products, which range from liquid lipsticks to blush, to eyeshadow, are vegan. Unfortunately, the brand isn’t available in stores. It is, however, all under $10. Still worried about how the colors may look on your skintone? Worry not, the brand shows swatches of their product on a variety of skintones on their website as well as on their brand snapchat.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Rejoice brow lovers, Anastasia Beverly Hills is cruelty-free. A favorite among YouTube beauty vloggers, the brand has a cult-following for its brow products. Rightfully so as its founder is brow goddess Anastasia Soare. The brand is growing to be so much more than just brows, though, most recently with the launch of their highlighting kits.


Recently launched beauty brand is the brainchild of girlboss Emily Weiss over at Into the Gloss. A brand focused on skincare coming first, and easy to use makeup, Glossier is the brand all of the ‘cool girls’ in the fashion and beauty world are talking about.

Makeup Geek

You may have never seen Makeup Geek eyeshadow on drugstore or Sephora shelves but these days you can hardly get through a YouTube tutorial without someone raving about the pigment and quality of this brand. The best part? The shadows are MAC quality at about half the price. They’re also constantly partnering to create pallets with your favorite Youtubers because that’s where founder Marlena Stell got her start.

The Body Shop

If you haven’t tried the Body Shop’s famous Body Butter you need to stop what you’re doing and go buy them all. Not only do they smell like heaven, but they leave your skin feeling like satin. The Body Shop is so much more than just shower and bath products, though. They skincare and even makeup lines that are natural and ethically produced.


You’ve definitely seen this brand somewhere on the shelf of your local drugstore. Definitely the budget friendly choice for college girls everywhere. One of their most popular products? Their baked blushes. In fact, their baked blush in Luminoso is noted as being a spot on dupe for high-end brand NARS’ cult classic and universally flattering Orgasm.


So you’ve got all this great cruelty-free makeup, now what do you use with it? Ecotools has got you covered. Their 100% vegan brushes were made with eco-conciseness in mind. Just because the brushes vegan though doesn’t mean the brand is skimping on quality. These soft brushes are perfect for blending in that new eyeshadow you just got.

Kylie Cosmetics

Yes, our lip liner loving Jenner’s Lip Kits are cruelty-free. Not only are the colors to gorgeous, but they’re also kind to our furry friends. The Lip Kits sell out in a matter of minutes, but if you’re lucky enough to snatch one up for yourself you’ll understand why they’re so popular. Plus admit it, you’ve been wondering what you’d look like with Kylie-esque overlined lips.

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