10 Cool College Majors We Never Knew Existed 

Having a narrow interest in a topic may have posed problems when trying to figure out what we wanted to major in, until now. Universities across the world are now expanding their degree programs to every interest imaginable.

Interested in floricultural products? No problem! The science behind decision-making? We’ve got you covered! What about The Beatles? But of course!

These totally rad fields of interest are MAJORS you can get a degree in! Follow your passion beyond general education and step into something you’re obsessed with. Where do we sign up?

  1. Floral Management from Mississippi State University

Major or minor in Floral Management at MSU! You’ll learn about sourcing, purchasing, distributing, marketing, designing, and selling floricultural products.   Science and business classes will be taken alongside design and horticulture classes. Upon graduation, students find careers in special event designing, display gardening, retailing, and wholesaling.

  1. Sexuality from San Francisco State University

This well-established program from SFSU is over 50 years in the making. Students learn about a variety of topics similar to human sexuality, its exemplification in literature and the arts, and social justice for sexual minorities.

“The mission of the Department of Sexuality Studies is to advance multidisciplinary teaching, research, and advocacy in sexuality studies, sexual literacy, well-being and social justice.”

  1. Theme Park Engineering from California State University

Interested in engineering with a twist (literally!)? Theme Park Engineering might be just the ride for you! Study electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering all together to eventually work in amusement facilities or as a theme park engineer. Courses include engineering problem-solving and design, manufacturing processes, and computer methods in engineering.

  1. Turf Grass Science from Penn State

…or Turf Grass Management from University of Georgia! There are several options of schools who offer turf grass majors. Courses include weed science, turf grass nutrition, case studies in turf grass, woody landscape plant identification and use, and turf grass pesticides.

  1. Decision Sciences from Indiana University

In the Kelley School of Business program, students learn how to use mathematical models and analytical reasoning to solve problems using a variety of techniques, analysis, artificial intelligence, etc.

  1. Packaging from Michigan State University

The 50+-year-old School of Packaging at MSU is a world leader in packaging where “more than half of all packaging graduates employed in the U.S. come from Michigan State.” Part of the School of Packaging’s Mission Statement reads: “To seek, through research, improved functioning of the packaging system.”

  1. The Beatles, Popular Music & Society from Liverpool Hope University

Where better to learn about The Beatles than in the city of Liverpool, the home of The Beatles? This Master of Arts looks at the significance of The Beatles’ music and digs deeper into analyzing their audiences, localities, identities, ethnicities, etc. Who wouldn’t want to look at the meaning, value, and performances of one of the most legendary groups EVER?

  1. Fermentation Sciences from Appalachian State University

Interested in taking a class entitled Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer, and then going to work in the fermentation plant you are managing? The program focuses on wine and brewing sciences, food science and technology, chemistry, biology, business development, and so on.

  1. Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Southern Oregon University

From the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Leadership, SOU offers a program “designed from an integrative perspective offering comprehensive coursework in outdoor leadership, outdoor recreation management, adventure planning, tourism, risk management, stewardship, conservation, and preservation.” So many jobs available, too! …including, but not limited to community recreation/recreational sports director; wilderness expedition director; camp director; ski instructor, resort, hotel, motel manager; and rafting/mountaineering guide. How cool would THAT be?!

  1. Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University

Wait, you can study Pop Culture for 4 years? Yup! From BGSU’s College of Arts and Sciences, you can take courses such as Black Popular Culture, International/Global Popular Culture, Folklife, Popular Film, Youth in Popular Culture, and the list goes on.  “Popular culture studies everyday life, including but not limited to everything that is mass produced by us and for us. Its subject matter is the world in which we live, relax and have fun. By examining television programs, movies, cars, houses, music, museums, celebratory events, holidays, magazines and many other manifestations of culture insights can be used to examine society presently and historically.”


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