The 10 Commandments Of Instagram

And on the seventh day he said… “Let there be Instagram!”

1. Thou shalt not double filter

This is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad mistake. You can always catch a double filterer — you aren’t that sneaky, honey. The goal of Instagram is to create an image that doesn’t look like you spent 30 minutes editing it, (even when you did). A double filter is a dead giveaway and a very big Instagram faux pas.

2. Thou shalt not even touch Hefe, Ludwig, or Nashville

But like, why would you even?! Come on girl, you’re better than that. You have two eyes and I know you can see how terrible that picture looks. I’m personally not sure why there hasn’t been a petition to ban these filters yet.

 3. Thou shalt not post that drunk group pic

Do not do it. Just don’t, you will 100% regret it in the morning. A drunk picture never did anyone an ounce of good. They are uninteresting and usually poorly filtered. Plus no one really cares how plastered you got at the frat last night.

 4. Thou shalt have no shame when taking selfies in public

You want to selfie in the middle of the park or in front of a cute wall on a busy street? You do it. Do yo thang, girl. Your confidence should be admired, and I bet with the help of some editing that will be a killer selfie.

5.  Thou shall do whatever it takes for the ‘gram

All Instagrams should reach their full potential. This is usually where having a really bomb friend comes in, (usually one just as addicted to Instagram). Whether you’re risking your phone’s life to get a good water pic or you’re risking your own life to get a great shot of you standing in the middle of a bustling New York street. Do it. Do it for the ‘gram. It’ll turn out great, promise.

6.  Thou shall always “double post” when thou wants to “double post”

Forget the rules. If you have a picture worthy of sharing, share it. If someone unfollows you over it, so be it. They clearly just don’t want their feed to be as cool as it could be. Their loss, not yours.

7. Thou shall let no editing tool go untested

This isn’t just one of the 10 commandments of Instagram; letting editing tools go untested is also one of the 7 deadly sins of Instagram. They are there for a reason, so use them. I mean, if you haven’t experimented with the “structure” setting, you are seriously missing out.

8. Thou shall always Instagram brunch

If you didn’t Instagram that pitcher of sangria, you didn’t really drink that picture of sangria. Not to mention Instagram was literally (not literally) made for posting pics of avocado toast. Don’t even get me started on fruit bowls. Art, pure art.

 9. Thou shalt never use a motivational quote as a caption

This is a sure fire way to come off as completely nuts. When was the last time you saw a girl do this and thought, “oh you’re very sane.” Never, it’s always the crazy ones.

10. Thou shall commit to aesthetics

The best for last. Instagram is a visual platform, and visuals = aesthetics. Always keep that in mind. The best accounts have a certain vibe they stay true to. Think of as a branding initiative. If you have to post a picture for a few seconds on your page just to make sure it fits, do it. Pick a color scheme, a story, a subject. Etc. and commit.

Julia Dearing

Editorial Contributor, Indiana University Major: Apparel Merchandising and Fashion Design Her heart belongs to: Fitness, Fashion, music, the color black, lipstick, New York City and chai tea lattes Her guilty pleasures: Carbs, over priced coffee, and 80s movies

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